Must Read Dystopian Novels (Oh and happy 4th of July!)

*Explosions sound in the distance while I sit in my room wondering if that was fireworks or a gun I just heard* HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!


For all you nonamericans… This is the one day of the year I can be proud of my country so either celebrate with me or leave 🙂

Groff 1

So we all know that the Fourth of July celebrates the United States overthrowing their British oppressors (with all your trashy tea and taxes) and becoming our own nation.

groff 4

So, in that spirit, I’ve decided to give you my list of top 5 must read dystopian novels with heroes or heroines overthrowing their own oppressive governments!

TDM HeaderTHIS WILL ALWAYS BE ONE OF MY FAVORITES! Such a great series if you want something darker. All three books are amazing AND the three novellas are perfect. By the time you get to book three you won’t want to say goodbye to these characters. Ruby and her awesome mind powers will have you pumped up to overthrow your British oppressors and thinking way too much about colors…

Color^^^ I hope that didn’t just give someone a seizure of something…

Unwind HeaderALSO ONE OF MY FAVORITES! A lot more SCI-FI than the other novels on this list but still amazing. The characters are some of my favorite of all time. DID SOMEONE SAY CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT?! Because I could write an essay on how complex Lev’s character is! Also, DID I MENTION AMAZING NOVELLAS! Want more of these perfect characters? WELL NOW YOU HAVE A WHOLE BOOK OF NOVELLAS ABOUT THEM! DO give this series a shot, you won’t regret it!

Scythe Header*fireworks exploding* HAVE I MENTIONED THAT NEAL SHUSTERMAN IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE AUTHORS? Because this is yet another fabulous book by him! This series is only on book one but I’m already crazy excited to read more. The characters are great and the world is intriguing. Do go read it!

Thumbs up

Legend HeaderAhh! More than The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, or Harry Potter, this was the series that first got me into reading. I haven’t read any of the books in a while but I remember it being perfect and, to make things better, the covers are simple but beautiful. Go pick this one up if you want encouragement to over throw trashy tyrants as well as beautiful books to sit on your shelf

The Giver headerOf course I had to include a classic on this list! I remember really not wanting to read The Giver in sixth grade, but I actually found myself loving it. I feel most people have probably read this one for school already, but if not, give it a chance, you might just love it!

Keep all of these books in mind as you go on your life changing journey to overthrow oppressors. To all my American readers out there, I hope you have an amazing week, stay safe, and always remember WE ARE SUPERIOR! *evil laughter*

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And to all my British and just nonamerican readers, know that I don’t actually hate you. I actually used to want to move to Britain. But this is my one chance to pretend I don’t actually hate my country most of the year sooooo 🙂

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I spend my free time watching Netflix when I should be reading and writing. Then I go online and blog about books and TV shows!

9 thoughts on “Must Read Dystopian Novels (Oh and happy 4th of July!)

  1. You’re so productive with your posts! I wish I could chug out so many 😀 sigh… but I worked from 9 to 8 today so just… noooo xD
    And congrats with the fourth!
    You should have included some American revolution books 😀 (I can’t think of anything past Rip Van Winkle though… but then again, I haven’t even been to America, ever :D)
    And I really need to read The Giver.


    1. You see I LOOK productive because I recently switched from using blogger to wordpress and many of the early posts on here were things I had already written and had up on my original blog. My usually posting schedule is 3 posts a week (but let’s just go with the idea that I’m super productive and great at blogging… XD)
      I should have included American revolution posts (but I included Hamilton gifs and that’s basically the same thing right…?) but I can’t think of any soooo… maybe the real issue here is that I’m an American who hasn’t read any books about the American revolution
      I feel like The Giver is required reading for most people in middle school where I live. I really liked it so I hope you get the chance to read it one day!


      1. Yeah, I’m sure I’ll read The Giver one day 🙂 can’t blame you for not knowing any revolution reading though 😀 classics = kind of tough 😀
        Oh, you moved from Blogger! I see. Yeah, I also post three times a week, but with working full time (sometimes even more), it’s kind of tough, especially as my posts and longer sometimes, and I work a lot on them. Writing and posting one takes at least an hour, usually more. So I don’t feel like I could do more than 3 xD

        Liked by 1 person

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