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My Top 3 Broadway Musicals!

HELLO! *waves*

SOOOO we’re gonna be a little of topic today but this is also a topic very close to my heart *holds up neon flashing sign* We’re talking about BROADWAY!


“But Broadway is lammmmeeee” you complain. Then I slap you in your face and tell you how wrong you are! I used to believe Broadway was lame and not for me (in middle school some girls ran around singing Newsies and omg I hated it) but a few years ago I learned the error of my ways and now I’m obsessed! For anyone uninterested in musical theater, it’s always good to know that there are MILLIONS of musicals all with their own style and themes. You might not be a fan of one style but could love another. (But if you try different type of musicals and still don’t enjoy it. Eh that’s cool too. At least you tried!) Today we’re here to talk about some of my favorite musicals which all fall under the style of “Rock musicals” something I didn’t even know existed until a few years ago.

And now without any further rambling… My top 3 favorite musicals (in no particular order… because I can’t choose…)

Broadway 1This was one of the first rock musicals that I fell in love with! It takes themes such as mental illness, grief, love, and loss and puts them into a beautiful musical that I could ramble for HOURS about! All of the songs are heartbreaking and perfect and the simplistic set along with the SIX PERSON CAST makes me love and respect the musical even more

WARNING: plot points include death, drugs, anxiety, depression, suicide. I totally understand if this keeps you from enjoying the musical, please don’t watch/listen if it’ll have a negative effect on your health!

Next to Normal


Just Another Day: One of my favorite openings!

I Am the One/Reprise: Everything is just PERFECT! And the subtle changes in the reprise… *sobbing*

There’s a World: Beautiful out of context, crazy depressing in context

Wish I Were Here: Omg one of my favorites! Portrays the emotions SO WELL

Aftershocks: *sobbing in the distance*

Light: SUCH a great finale to a heartbreaking show (oh and the harmonies are PERFECTION)

Broadway 2OMG Words can’t describe how much I relate to this musical! I relate to all three mains for different reasons (Wendla for her cinnamon roll who doesn’t understand the world personality (that was me in middle school…), Moritz for his angst and anxiety (especially anxiety brought on by school and expectations), and Melchior I relate to the least but I understand his yearning to understand the world. I’m not self-righteous like he is (at least I don’t think I am) but I understand his wanting to understand. Spring Awakening 100% understands teen angst and displays it WITHOUT BEING CONDESCENDING! WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT IT WAS POSSIBLE! The characters are SO complex (the fact that Melchior’s character can do a complete 180 depending on HOW one plays him. You can play him as a complete unlikable and morally reprehensible asshole OR you could play him as someone with a bit of a god complex that is a product of his surrounding… It all depends on the actor) This isn’t even getting into the Deaf West production of this show that is my FAVORITE THING EVER! It is full of SO many layers and meaning that everyone should check it out.

WARNING: Plot points include death, depression, anxiety, suicide, and sexual abuse. The plot revolves around sex and there is brief nudity so don’t watch/listen if that makes you uncomfortable. I totally understand if this keeps you from enjoying the musical, please don’t watch/listen if it’ll have a negative effect on your health!


And one more because I love this musical 🙂Blue



All That’s Known: at least know I know how to chant in Latin *shrugs*

My Junk: SO UPBEAT! I’ve seen this described as the only happy song… sad but true

Left Behind: Jonathan Groff once CRIED while singing this song (not in the show)… look it up

Whispering: Both beautiful and haunting

Those You’ve Known: HARMONIES! *sobbing*

The Song of Purple Summer: An amazing finale!

Broadway 3This is the most accurate representation of social anxiety I have ever seen. I relate to Evan on a level that I can’t even put into words. The first time I watched Dear Evan Hansen, I passed it off as really good but didn’t see it becoming one of my favorites. But after listening to it many times, it is 100% one of my favorite musicals! It is sad, funny, heartfelt, and just all around PERFECT! I could go on forever about how every little detail of this musical is touching but we don’t have all day so I’ll just leave you with a link to the Tony performance so you can see it for yourself! 😊

WARNING: Plot points include suicide, depression, and anxiety. I totally understand if this keeps you from enjoying the musical, please don’t watch/listen if it’ll have a negative effect on your health!



Waving Through a Window: The perfect representation of social anxiety. I cry every time.

Requiem: SPEAKING OF CRYING! The way this song represents three characters all with separate reasons for singing amazingly in one song… It’s just beautiful.

Disappear/You Will Be Found: I’m combining these two because they are both beautiful songs with a message that everyone really needs to hear.

Only Us: The vocals are PERFECTION!

Words Fail: *sobbing in the distance*



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33 thoughts on “My Top 3 Broadway Musicals!

    1. YAY SOMEONE UNDESTANDS ME! Spring Awakening was always my actual favorite but Dear Evan Hansen came along and I’m not too sure anymore… they’re all just so good (and sad… very very sad… So yeah try not to cry too much on the train! 😂)

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  1. I’ve only heard of Spring Awakening out of these, but (from what I’ve seen about it) Broadway’s great. I don’t really know where to find much of it, but I’ll have to hunt these three down if they’re available somewhere❤︎

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  2. Love this post! N2N doesn’t get enough love in the community but I’m shocked you don’t have I’m Alive listed as a fave. Tveit’s falsetto!!! And DEH plays on loop at the office so totally agree there!

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    1. Yeah N2N really deserves more attention. Ik I should’ve put I’m Alive on there but I had to cut some songs. but have you seen videos of Tveit singing that song? He’s running and dancing around the stage the ENTIRE time 😂 idk how he did it

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  3. Wow. I have definitely been out of the broadway loop since my high school musical days. (No like, me literally being in musicals in high school, not Zac Efron!) I feel like a failure because I don’t know about ANY of these musicals you mentioned! I’m just gonna listen to the You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown soundtrack all day and try to convince myself I’m cool 😂😂

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          1. You’re walking in my foot steps!!! Soon you’ll be married with a toddler and a really mean Shih Tzu that you only kinda like! 😂😂😂 or maybe not! That trip to NYC was so awesome!!! I saw Wicked and a bunch of other shows and just cried in joy the whole time

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              1. WICKED IS THE BEST EVER AND I DON’T EVEN CARE!!! My dad and brother saw it with the original cast like a month after it debuted on Broadway and are always bragging about it. 🙄🙄🙄😭😭😭😭😭

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  4. I’m still one of those poor little unaware people who have not really experienced musicals, cause I never really… felt like I wanted to 😀 but it’s always interesting to see people talk about them, cause it’s such a… strange thing for me, musicals 😀 and I used to go to operas and operettas!

    I gotta admit though, those GIFs are awesome!

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    1. Yeah i was never into musicals until I went to NYC and saw Wicked. I was BLOWN AWAY! Now I’m kinda obsessed 😂 they are a weird concept tho, the idea that everyone just kinda breaks into song all the time but I love them!

      I’m glad you like the gifs! 😄


  5. I would totally be one of those annoying people singing Newsies- Hello!
    I love Dear Evan Hansen. It is so emotional and beautiful but I haven’t actually seen it. I have to content myself with listening to the Broadway cast recording and watching YouTube videos of Ben Platt being Evan. I loved his performance at the Tonys! He captures the role so well.

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