The Good, The Bad, and The Spoilers: The Regulars

Ooooo Spooky ghosts!


A man wakes to find himself alone in a forest, with no memory of who he is and how he ended up there. And worst of all, he’s dead.

As he sets off to unravel the mystery of his past, he is pulled into a world stranger than death itself, where the struggle to balance good and evil lies behind the scenes. On his journey, he encounters The Regulars: a self-proclaimed band of misfits whose sole purpose is to terrify the living.

Among them is Mr. Cage: a dark jester who delights in causing misery to all whom he encounters. What begins as a journey to uncover a brutal murder soon unfolds into a race against malevolent forces, where nothing is as it seems. summary

The Regulars Star + QuoteReview Header 1First! I must mention that I received a copy of this book for review but that has not affected my opinion in any way. I picked this one up because I love a good ghost story. The element of a ghost searching for answers: why they died or who they were is nothing new, but it is always exciting to see different author’s take on this idea and how they make it their own.

Review Header 2Murder Mystery: this element of the plot was BY FAR my favorite! I loved when the narrator met Peters and began really trying to understand what happened to the two of them. The mystery was well done. They were the main characters I was interested in and wanted to know how they died and how the two of them were connected

River: I liked her mysterious nature and want to know more about her.

Quick read: once you hit about 20% the novel goes by quickly and always leaves you wanting to read so you can learn more about the characters

The Man in the Suit: He has a name but I don’t remember it (opps) but he was a good villain! He was scary and mysterious– everything a good villain should be! Around when he was introduced was when I really started caring about the plot and wanting to learn more about him.

Review Header 3Mr. Cage: He was a pretty weak villain. I didn’t really care for him when he was introduced in the beginning and I hardly feared him or the safety of the characters around him. I found the man in the suit to be a much better and more fear inducing villain.

Review Header 4The Regulars was a fine read. I enjoyed the mystery aspect of it and think it’s a good read for anyone who is curious. I’ll probably never pick it up again but I might keep an eye out for anything else the author does since the novel showed lots of promise with his writing and ideas!

Review Header 5Louis: I really didn’t expect him to come back and tie into the narrator’s story. Perters’s anger towards him at the end was totally justified but the narrator also makes a good point that it wasn’t Louis’s fault. His break down at the end was emotional and well done.

Peters: I actually really liked him. He was dealing with a lot as he remembered his wife cheating on him and contributing to his murder. He doesn’t take either of those revelations lightly but rather has a hard time with it and is kind of in denial. The revelation of the narrator being his friend from when they were alive was not really surprising. Once Peters told the story of his friend I was pretty sure that friend was the narrator.

Ending Exposition: The end of The Regulars is kinda rushed… it ends on a giant exposition dump that was interesting but I wasn’t much a fan of. The information was important and I understand that it had to be told but I wish the author found a better way to tell it.


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