My Week in Orange Beach! (Oh Books and Movies too!)

YO! Many of you may not know but I recently spent a super fun week in Orange Beach, Alabama with a friend of mine and her family! We stayed in their condo (and avioded the beach at all costs because I kinda hate it…) but LOTS of shenagins ensued (we MIGHT have snuck a creepy horse mask into her sister’s room while she was sleeping… 😂 AND THERE WERE PRETTY FIREWORKS!) So I thought I’d share some pictures of this fun trip with you! Enjoy!

Header ReadingAND OF COURSE! Since this is a book blog, I feel the need to mention that I read three books while there!

I finished my reread of Vicious and loved it just as much the second time! (Review here)

I read and finished Illuminae, which was amazing and totally caught me off guard with how good it was! (Review coming Sunday!)

I read and finished Gemina, which somehow caught me off guard AGAIN with all the feels it caused it’s creativity! (Review coming next week!)

And I started Lord of Shadow! I’ve been listening to this one on audio book for a while now but I finally got a hard copy from the library because I don’t usually set aside a lot of time for audio books.


Les Mis: SO my friend had a nonmusical copy of Les Mis (one thing you should know about me is that I LOVE the musical and my friend’s nickname is Eponine) So we HAD to watch It! Overall it was fine. They cut out A LOT and the end was pretty abrupt but it was good.

Trolls: This one was mostly for the kiddos and I kinda just sat in the room and read while it was on but some of the songs sounded nice!

A Knight’s Tale: My friend had been trying to get me to watchthis since we studied Canterbury Tales last year. I finally watched it with her and it was good! It was silly and cheesy but really fun.
I Am Not Ashamed: This is a Christian movie and, while I am religious, I planned to just kinda ignore it because I didn’t think I’d like it. I read through most of the beginning just looking up every now and then but by the end I put my book down and was actually paying attention. It was better than I expected and actually pretty good!

Descendants 2: YES THIS IS A DISNEY CHANNEL MOVIE DON’T JUDGE ME! My friend, her sister, and I were all actually kinda excited to watch this one. I never saw the first and I wanted to see how cheesy it would be. It was a fun movie but WOW the sound mixing was TERRIBLE for a musical! The backing tracts were always too loud so you couldn’t understand the lyrics well and singing was SO auto tuned and processed! If you’re going to make a movie musical, please at least TRY and make it look like you’re actually singing… OH ALSO! I’m marrying Harry Hook’s eyeliner… only his eyeliner 🙂

THANKS FOR READING THIS! Have you read/seen anything mentioned above? Have you gone on any fun vacations this summer you might want to share?


I spend my free time watching Netflix when I should be reading and writing. Then I go online and blog about books and TV shows!

5 thoughts on “My Week in Orange Beach! (Oh Books and Movies too!)

  1. WOOOOOO you read Gemina tooooo. Ahhh it was so amazing! Also I am The Jealous! I miss the beach so much I cry haha. I need to go somewhere warm with a beach like RIGHT NOW it’s been too long! I’m glad you had fun! And I love fireworks!

    Also WUT. I did not even know they had a nonmusical edition of Les Mis. THAT IS SO WEIRD. But now I probably have to go watch it because I need to know what that blasphemy is about??? Like…90% of the movie is singing hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YESSS! I honestly spend 50% of this trip in the condo reading XD I read both Illuminae and Gemina back to back in about 4-5 days… They were both AMAZING!
      It’s funny bc I’m not actually a beach person, but luckily my friend isn’t either so we spent a lot of the trip just in the condo or at the pool. I hope you are able to go to the beach one day soon! And I love fireworks too! They’re really pretty!
      I DIDN’T KNOW EITHER! As soon as my friend mentioned that she brought it, I knew we had to watch it! It focuses a lot more on Valjean (pre Cosette) and the ending with Cosette, Marius, and the barricade is all kinda rushed. Oh and Marius somehow does less than in the musical despite being the leader of the revolt (for whatever reason #WhereIsEnjolras) and Eponine isn’t even in it. Overall it was okay but different from the musical

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aweeee hahaha I am the biggest beach bum you’ll ever meet XD. But the important thing is that you had fun!!
        It’s still so weird to me that it even exists. It seems so awkward without singing??? WHAT?? LESS MARIUS?? I Don’t think I can handle that… Wtf. No Eponine?? That’s…WUT. I am #confuse haha. Well maybe I’ll watch it in the near future when I’m avoiding being productive haha

        Liked by 1 person

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