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I must begin this post by thanking everyone who follows this blog and puts up with my constant ramblings! I never thought 100 people would actually care what I think about books! You are all truly amazing and I love making posts and talking to you! If you ever need anything (especially someone to rant about your book emotions to) I’m always here for you! I’ll try to get some books together for some time of giveaway in the future! (I have a super cool giveaway idea that I’ll give more details about if it works out… it involves a hardback book and bookish artwork though, so be excited!)

As some of you may know, I’m a starving college student going to college on a band scholarship, meaning I’ll have no time for an actual job. This means blogging is kinda of my side job as well as my hobby. All rambling aside, I’m opening up a Ko-fi! Below you’ll find a link to that page as well as information about the site. Don’t feel obligated to support and, if you don’t, nothing changes. BUT if you do support, I’ll be able to spend MORE time on awesome posts and pictures for y’all, as well as being able to travel a bit more and hopefully attend some cons and hang out with you and authors! Some festivals/cons I want to go to this year are the Texas Teen Book Festival, BEA, and BookCon!

MoneyIf you want to donate a small one-time gift, Ko-fi is the place for you! It allows people to give a one-time amount ($3) that is roughly the equivalent of a cup of coffee. As I said before, the money would go to my attempting not to starve and being able to put more time towards the blog!


Money 3If you chose to support me through either platform, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I send you all the hugs! And, if you don’t donate, THANK YOU TOO! You’re an amazing follower and I’m so happy I have people to yell about books with! From now on I’m going to keep my eye out for any books I might want to host a giveaway for so tell me, what’s on your wishlist?


I spend my free time watching Netflix when I should be reading and writing. Then I go online and blog about books and TV shows!

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