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(definitely not just jumping on that bandwagon… nope! 😉)


Wrap Up HeaderA Torch Against the Night 2.5/5 stars (REVIEW) (Goodreads)

The Regulars 3.5/5 stars (REVIEW) (Goodreads)

The Sun is Also a Star 4/5 stars (REVIEW) (Goodreads)

Vicious 5/5 stars (REVIEW) (Goodreads)

Illuminae 5/5 stars (maybe idk 4.5/5…?) (REVIEW) (Goodreads)

Gemina 4/5 stars (REVIEW) (Goodreads)

Heir of Illaria 3/5 stars (review coming Tuesday) (Goodreads)

History Is All You Left Me 5/5 stars (REVIEW) (Goodreads)

Quality wise, I had a pretty meh month, BUT AT LEAST I READ A LOT! 8 Books in a month is SUPER AMAZING FOR ME! (now get ready for that number to plummet… because I’m starting college… *cries*)


Must read books of the month: VICIOUS AND HISTORY IS ALL YOU LEFT ME! They’re completely different books XD but both are amazing and fabulous (History Is All You Left Me MIGHT just rip your heart out…) GO READ THEM!

Wrap Up Header 2Must Read Dystopian Novels (Oh and Happy 4th of July!)

Writing Update (Yeah, I Do That!)

Sunshine Blogger Award

My Top 3 Broadway Musicals

My Week In Orange Beach! (Oh Books and Movies Too!)

Thank You For 100 Followers You Lovely People (Also Ko-fi and Patreon)

How to Make An Illuminae Movie

(Wow! Can you tell that I like talking in parenthesis? XD)

During August, I’m going to try and get more discussion up! I am changing my schedule to posting on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday with two reviews and two discussions per week! Sundays will be dedicated to Wrap Ups, Tags, and Updates, while Thursday will be for traditional discussions. Leaving Tuesday and Saturday for reviews! This might change as I start college, but hopefully I can keep up with posting!

Wrap Up Header 3(All links lead to Goodreads pages!)

The Inexplicable Logic of My Life / Mask of Shadows / Breaking Magic / Sublime Karma / The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue / The Color Project

Wrap Up Header 4

When Dimple Met Rishi / Eliza and Her Monsters / Strange the Dreamer / Wonder Woman: Warbringer

SO! Obviously I won’t get through all of these (wow I’d be surprised if I did!) But this is an idea of things that I’d like to read over the next month!

Review Header 6I had a pretty great July! I read a bunch, went to Orange Beach with my friend, bought a pair Parabatai necklaces and sent one to an internet friend, and I got my first babysitting job (can’t wait for that to be over… lol). I’m excited to see what August has in store! I’ll be starting college and have some of my first actual arts classes (I’m a visual arts major). I’m in color guard so noon band practices are going to be hell but I’m still excited!

I hope you had an amazing July, and have an even better August! 😊



I spend my free time watching Netflix when I should be reading and writing. Then I go online and blog about books and TV shows!


      1. Oh darn! I hate when that happens. Have you asked if they could get a copy? I made a request recently and my local library was thrilled to place an order! 🙂

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  1. UM YES TO ALL THE BOOKS on ‘If I have time’! Strange The Dreamer is FABULOUS so DOUBLE YES.
    I tried getting into An Ember In The Ashes but It’s still stting on my shelf? So sad you didn’t enjoy the 2nd book. I tried Everything Everything and it was an OKAY read. To be honest I’m not sure what to think of one-day love stories, but I’m glad you enjoyed The Sun Is Also A Star! I need to get onto Vicious and Illuminae and HIAYLM! Good luck on starting colege.


    1. I’ve heard so many good things about Strange the Dreamer! It’d be my first Laini Taylor book so I’m really curious!
      I really enjoyed An Ember in the Ashes! It was really tense and full of suspense! The second book wasn’t too good…
      I didn’t know Everything Everything was also a one-day romance… That might turn me off from it a little… The Sun is Also a Star was good tho and it hit me with some unexpected feels
      YOU MUST READ VICIOUS, ILLUMINAE AND HIAYLM! All very good and I hope you enjoy them!
      Thanks! Lets hope I don’t die in college XD

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        1. Aw well don’t feel too bad about An Ember in the Ashes since book 2 was a major step back for the quality of the series
          Ohhh! Yeah The Sun is Also a Star is one day (which I didn’t know going in!) My biggest problem with that book was the instalove which is kinda a given for one day romances so maybe I shouldn’t read those 😂
          I’m glad you have faith in me 😂

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  2. OMG that is a super awesome month I am The Jealous! 8 books!! I am speechless!! But at least more than half of them were at least 4 stars!! That’s a pretty good ratio if you ask me! It sucks to read a lot of books that were meh though D:

    Ooh and yay for starting college??? That is exciting…RIGHT??!!?!? :,)

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    1. Thanks!!! I usually average 4-5 books per month so 8 books is great! It is true that half were at least 4 stars so that’s always exciting! I’m just glad the meh books didn’t put me into a reading slump.

      I’m excited but nervous bc band is going to take over my life… XD But I’m excited for my actual classes! (And I won’t be too far from home so I can still crash with my parents for the weekend XD)

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  3. 8 books is pretty awesome! I rarely break my 5 book streak but August will prob see me do that lol. You can never go wrong with some Adam Silvera in your stack! those are some guaranteed waterworks lol.I’m actually going to be reading They Both Die at the End some time over the next 2 weeks 7 prepping my ❤ for the heartbreak. Gentleman’s Guide was pretty funny & reminded me a ton of Lady Jane, hope you enjoy all your planned reads 😉

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    1. Yeah! I was really excited bc I usually only read 4-5 books a month. HIAYLM was my first Adam Silvera book and now I can’t wait to read whatever else he does! The Both Die at the End sounds great and I can’t wait to see what you think of it. I need to read both Gentleman’s Guide AND Lady Jane… hopefully I’ll change that soon 🙂


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