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HOW DO I KEEP MY TBR UNDER 100 BOOKS?! (Is it wizardry? It’s probably wizardry)

The most difficult questions for a bookworm… How big is your TBR? Are you actually going to get to all of those books? How do you deal with the stress of so many unread books? What are your plans to take over the world?

I used to be one of those people with a Goodreads TBR of 300+ books, but I’ve found that I don’t end up reading most of them and never even remember what I put on that shelf. This is why I’ve been going through my TBR lately and, as the title suggests, I’ve found my own way of dealing with my Goodreads TBR and keeping it under 100 books!

TBR Because I’m a wizard 😊


Oh wait… I wasn’t supposed to tell you that… government secrets and such. SOOOO It’s actually because I’m realistic with myself on if I’m going to read a book.


I’ll add a book to my TBR for SO MANY reasons (gorgeous cover, hype, intriguing premise, the author). I’m pretty liberal with adding books to my TBR, but it’s when I got to clean up that shelf a month later that I decide if this is a book I truly want to read.

TBR P3Step 1: Open up my Goodreads TBR shelf. (duh)

Step 2: Go down the list asking myself, ‘Why did I put this on my shelf?’ ‘Am I still interested?’ ‘Do I even know what this book is about?’ ‘Do I see myself reading this anytime in the next year?’ And the occasions ‘What is this, I have no memory of ever adding this to my shelf’

Step 3: If I answer no to any of the questions above, then I remove the book from my Goodreads shelf!

ReadingAt the moment, I’m trying to keep my TBR under 100 books so that I can easily reference it when looking at the library or book store for a new book to read. I don’t want to have to scroll through hundreds of books that I supposedly ‘want to read’, to find one that I’m interested in. This way, I can look at my shelf, pick any of the books on there to look for, and read it! No scrolling through books that I don’t really care about

HOW DO YOU CONTROL YOUR TBR? DO YOU CONTROL YOUR TBR, OR DO YOU JUST CRY ABOUT IT? (honestly, even with lowering my TBR, it still stressed me out how many books I’ll never get to read…) HOW MANY BOOKS ARE ON YOUR TBR?



I spend my free time watching Netflix when I should be reading and writing. Then I go online and blog about books and TV shows!

15 thoughts on “HOW DO I KEEP MY TBR UNDER 100 BOOKS?! (Is it wizardry? It’s probably wizardry)

  1. My TBR list is only at 30 books, but 20 of those books are from the last few weeks… I have no system for my TBR list except hope that I will eventually read all of the books!

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  2. GRRRRRLLLLL. It’s totally wizardry. How do you do it??
    Although to be fair, I don’t even bother with the Goodreads TBR. I just have an owned TBR now 😀 the goodreads list is like meh.
    I would actually love to go through the list and clean it up though, but I don’t really have time for that… and it’s not like I pay too much attention to that list anyway anymore. Maybe when I’ve got nothing better to do 😀
    But anyway. GOOD JOB 😀 you really are a wizard!

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    1. Lol yep I’m just a wizard! 😉
      I used to not pay attention to my Goodreads TBR but now I want to better keep track of it so it can be accurate to what I actually want to read (not just random books I found that look pretty XD)


  3. My TBR shelf on Goodreads is ridiculous because I enter a lot of giveaways. I don’t really give it much thought. I’m too lazy to go through the thousands of books on my TBR shelf. I am slowly making my way through the books I own but I do admit I own a lot of unread books because I find it soothing to be surrounded by books.

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  4. I’ve done this a couple times, removing the books that I have no memory of at all. Sometimes if I’m feeling particularly ambitious, I’ll bring my TBR to the library and try reading the first couple pages of each book. Getting a sense of the author’s writing style is the only way I really know if I want to read the book.

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