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The Good, The Bad, and The Spoilers: Breaking Magic


Callax is fifteen, and he already knows he won’t ever grow old. Twelve years after leaving the childstation he will be summoned to the Gathering, where life essences are taken by a deadly, irresistible spell. On his world, this is one of the many ways in which the Exta serve the Opta. His best hope is to avoid an early binding by staying out of trouble. 

But in protecting his younger brother Benedar, he was noticed by the Breaker, the evil magician in charge of the Gathering. The closer Callax gets to the ruling house and the girl who lives there, the more he learns, and the greater the danger. A danger he might not understand until it is too late. Callax thinks the Breaker’s defeat will save him, but he is wrong.

Additional information: Although Breaking Magic is part of the Legacy of Androva series, it can also be read independently. If you have read Controlling Magic and want to know more about Imbera, Breaking Magic is Cal’s story. The book retells part of Controlling Magic from Cal’s point of view. Recommended for lower young adult. summary

Breaking Magic Star + QuoteReview Header 1I must begin by thanking the fabulous Alex C Vick for sending me a copy of this lovely book to review! I really enjoyed it and it’s not everyday that you come across a good mostly self contained fantasy so I’m glad I had the chance to pick it up!

Review Header 2The World: Breaking Magic was at it’s best when it was explaining the world. Going on this journey with a MC that is very ignorant of the world reminded me a lot of Patrick Ness’s Chaos Walking trilogy and it really works! It’s a great way to introduce this world to the reader without things coming off as overwhelming.

Characters: I grew to really care about the characters throughout Breaking Magic. I really loved many of them and always wanted them to stay safe. This is a good example of a world where you are constantly fearing for the safety of the characters and that turns it into a very quick read.

Villain: The Breaker is honestly a fear inducing villain and he always kept me on the edge of my seat since I wanted Cal and his friends to make it out okay.

Review Header 3Politics: I really liked that there were these two different classes of people and we saw throughout the book the power dynamics between the classes but I wish this would’ve been focused on more. This is an interesting aspect to the novel— how the Opta are just okay with people bring killed through the Gathering and I wish we could’ve had a chance to better understand their point of view and how they justify this.

Structure: While Breaking Magic was a really quick read, the structure felt off. It’s almost as if the climax come in halfway through the novel, then the rest of the novel is just characters dealing with the aftermath. This is an interesting idea but it can feel awkward while reading. The structure just seems off.

Review Header 4Breaking Magic was a quick and tense read! I was always on the edge of my seat hoping my favorite characters would be okay! I’m really glad it’s mostly self-contained so no giant cliffhanger that you have to read other books to have resolved. There are more novels set in the same world and I would be curious to check those out one day, as you should check this one out!

Review Header 5Cal’s Background: I had suspicions that Cal had something to do with the Opta (I could at least tell there was something different about him) so his backstory wasn’t too much of a surprise to me. I liked how hints were spread throughout the story about this revelation, instead of everything just being dumped on you all at once.

Once things were explained, the power dynamic between the Opta and the Extra made sense. This could be such an interesting part of the novel so I really wish we saw more of it! The idea of immortality so tempting so one could understand why they would go for it, but I’d love to know more about how they justify killing another for that immortality.

The Sickness: I wasn’t too much a fan of this element of the story. Even though I can see how it works with the rest of the story, it felt kinda out of left field and thrown in there for some last-minute conflict. Once the antidote was found things wrapped up a little too nicely for my taste and I’m still kinda confused how exactly the antidote worked.

The World: Now we know that different societies (planets? dimensions?) exist so I’d love to see these other worlds and how everything works there!



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6 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, and The Spoilers: Breaking Magic

  1. I haven’t heard of this one before! It sounds pretty good (although the structure does sound a little strange….). I love that it is a quick read! And that it is easy to understand the world building! I might just have to give this one a go! Great review!

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