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Elise Has Been Watching: Game of Thrones Seasons 1 and 2



For about a year now I’ve been thinking about watching Game of Thrones. It took until last week for me to finally sit down, sign up for the HBO free trial, and begin my attempt to binge 7 seasons in 30 days. (Don’t worry, that averages out to about 2.3 episodes per day, which is more than possible).


First, MY FAVS! Season one, I had two main favorites— Arya and Daenerys. I latched onto these two girls for similar reasons— they’re both strong girls who don’t take shit from anyone! But Daenerys didn’t start out as this incredibly strong female, no she had a believable arc where she decided to no longer be the victim and take advantage of her sucky situation. Arya is fabulous because she was raised to be a proper lady but wants nothing to do with that life. (She’d rather stab things.) (That’s completely understandable) She is my spirit animal. (Actually, wait no.) She is my patronus! (When I cast expecto patronum Arya Stark comes out of my wand and slaps dementors).


(sorry for the low quality gif… I have failed you)

MY SEASON TWO FAVS! SO! I was not the biggest fan of Sansa in Season one. She wasn’t terrible but she was too infatuated with Joffrey. But once you get to season two… I’M REALLY STARTING TO LOVE HER! She finally began to really how crazy Joffrey was and was no longer so infatuated with him. She even starts to try and play Joffrey, trying to use him and get the upper hand. I really can’t wait to see where her story goes in the future!

Political Intrigue! There are definitely times when I loved the politics between the families, it can be really fascinating to learn about these characters that have such a rich history and feuds. BUT! There are definitely sometimes when all of this talking can get boring or overwhelming. It just leads me to not care every now and then but overall the slower moments do make the more grand fight scenes seem worth the buildup.

SOME CRAZY ACTION! SO! While there are a lot of scenes full of political arguments and talking, you also get some crazy fight scenes! (especially at the end of season two! That battle was AMAZING) (Also lots of gore…) (Game of Thrones is not really for the faint of heart…) (but I mean, you could just look away from the gore)

Sex and nudity… CAN’T TALK ABOUT GAME OF THRONES WITHOUT TALKING ABOUT THE SEX! Honestly, it didn’t bother me as much as I thought it might mostly because you can mostly ignore these scenes and you won’t miss anything. Many of the sex scenes really don’t have a lot to do with the plot so just skip them if they make you uncomfortable.

Review Header 4Game of Thrones seasons one and two were really good! The plot slowed every now and then, and some plot lines weren’t my favorite, but it still made up for it with the really strong characters! I can’t wait to see where the show goes in later seasons and you should definitely check this one out!



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16 thoughts on “Elise Has Been Watching: Game of Thrones Seasons 1 and 2

  1. I thought there were way more episodes than there actually are. 2.3 episodes a day is totally manageable! I agree Arya and Daenerys are fantastic. I love Jon too but he can be a bit frustrating. And Sands definitely has one of the best development arcs! It’s really great to watch her learn to fight for herself!

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    1. Yeah it’s only 10 episodes per season which isn’t bad at all! I’m almost halfway through the show and I’ve only been watching for a week. Jon has grown on me. At first I wasn’t a huge fan of him but I’ve become more interested in his character and plot lines over the course of season 3. Honestly, it’s crazy to think of all the stuff Sansa has gone through at this point! She’s such a great character!

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  2. Sansa is my all time favorite character – of course, she grows at ton from season is 1 on. But I relate most to Sansa, not necessarily a fighting gal, but a more political person. And totally regretting my first crush 😂 Though for totally different reasons

    I just really like all the Starks. Ayra is epic, Robb is adorable, and Jon is amazing.

    I’m not a big fan of Dany because I think she grows entitled as the series progresses.

    And yep, I definitely skip over the sex scenes. And sometimes even the battles. Sometimes it’s just a bit much.

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    1. Sansa has grown so much as a character from season one to now where I’m at (the beginning of season four). In season one I never would’ve thought she was going to become one of my favorite characters but I really love her.
      Yeah all of the Starks are pretty amazing. Jon took a while to grow on me but I like him. And Robb… *sigh* I just finished season 3… *cries* Both Arya and Sansa have been through so much at such a young age. They’re such strong characters!

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  3. Oh I’m so happy you’re enjoying GOT! It’s one of my favorite shows ever and to think we won’t get the next season until 2018 just makes me want to cry… For that reason, I’m thinking about rewatching the entire show so I can a) remember all the awesomeness once the next season gets here and b) soothe my GOT deprivation/hangover for the time being.
    I definitely didn’t like Sansa all that much on the first few episodes but she grew on me rather quickly. I think her vulnerability, upbringing and just general character growth made me intrigued and she became one of my favorites.
    I hope you love the next few seasons! I think they’re all very different and appeal to different tastes but overall an amazing show that I believe only got better 🙂 Great post!

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    1. Oh yeah, now I’m caught up and I’m sad that the next season won’t be out for a little while 😦 I say you should go for it and rewatch the show! Speaking from experience, it’s possible to do in around 20 days!
      Sansa has become one of my favorite characters! She was kinda annoying at first but her character development throughout the show is amazing!


      1. I know, I know! T_T I’m just so busy and I always find re-watching/re-reading something a bit of a waste when I could be doing something new, you know? But GoT is so awesome, I think I need to make an exception hahaha
        Absolutely. I loved Sansa’s development and can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!


  4. I really gave Game of Thrones a try, but I think I had to watch the pilot too many times in class to enjoy it. Analyzing TV sucks the joy out of it after a a few viewings. But I did love Arya from what I’ve seen. And who doesn’t want a Direwolf as a pet?!
    Also, I nominate you for the Mystery Blogger Award. If you’re up to the challenge, check out my post for rules and questions.

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