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Elise Has Been Watching: Game of Thrones SPOILER Thoughts


SO! Turns out, trying to fit a post containing my thoughts on five seasons can get a little lengthy… because of this, I’m dedicating this separate post to talking about all my spoilery feelings from ALL OF GAME OF THRONES!



*Hey you! Yeah you in the back who isn’t caught up yet … WHY ARE YOU STILL READING?! You know I’m gonna spoil you*

*sigh* WHERE TO START?! I’VE GOT SO MANY FEELSSSS! I guess we’ll start with one of the first times I remember audibly screaming at the TV… The Red Wedding. This was an event that I knew a little about but not everything. I was aware it was a thing, what episode it was, and that people would die, but I wasn’t aware who would die and why they would die. The whole episode was a roller coaster of sadness and emotions. Robb and Catelyn weren’t my favorite characters but wow that episode was brutal! I was just getting excited because Robb’s wife was pregnant and Arya was finally going to meet up with her family again but ughhhhhh why can’t this show let me have happiness?!

Red Wedding.gif

Jumping ahead a bit… JOFFREY’S DEATH! I had a feeling this was coming but I had no idea how or when it was going to happen. For such a hated character, his death was satisfying and worked well in propelling the story forward. Both good and bad, Joffrey’s death was how Sansa ended up ditching King’s Landing and ending up with Littlefinger and eventually back in Winterfell. A part of me was happy because yay she got away from Cersei, but also sad face because wow her luck stops there as everything that can go wrong does go wrong after that. I did find it a little weird that Jamie would believe Tyrion about not killing Joffrey. I guess I don’t have a big problem with this but I just didn’t get why Jamie believed him. What is good though, is that Tyrion being blamed for Joffrey’s death is what sent him to eventually meet up with Dany!

dany and tyrion

Since I mentioned it above, I should talk about the mess that is Sansa’s character arc. This poor child goes through hell and back in these later seasons, but let’s just start with her running away after Joffrey’s death. The main thing I have to mention here is her kissing Littlefinger… EW! I don’t even have words for this… it’s just so NOPE. But then (like the asshole he is) he brought her to Winterfell to marry Ramsay… RAMSAY! THE GUY WHO CUT OFF THEON’S DICK AND LET’S HIS WOLFIES KILL PEOPLE FOR FUN… AHH NOPE! I just want to give Sansa a big hug because omg my poor child! BUT THEN THEON MAKES HIMSELF USEFUL FOR ONCE AND HELPS HER ESCAPE! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY! (When he pushed Ramsay’s girlfriend person off the walkway/balcony/thingy, I screamed in joy) (of and when him and Sansa also jumped off a balcony/walkway/thingy I was really worried because yeah you’re jumping into snow but YOU DON’T KNOW HOW DEEP THAT SNOW WAS!)



Next up… STARK FAMILY REUNIONNNNN! I’m gonna skip around chronologically here but having the Stark children back together makes me SO HAPPY! First, we saw Sansa and Jon back together and working together to take back Winterfell. Sansa has grown so much as a character that it’s interesting to imagine how the two would feel seeing each other after SIX(ish) YEARS! Especially because I don’t think Sansa was the biggest fan of Jon before and now she’s just changed SO MUCH. Then you have Bran and Arya showing up at Winterfell (and Arya and Sansa conspiring against Littlefinger… oh wait I’m getting ahead of myself). Bran has never been my favorite character but now he’s basically just some all-knowing god and that’s cool I guess… When he revealed to Sansa and Arya that he knew everything they both had been through, that was pretty crazy. Basically all I’m saying is that MY STARK CHILDREN (plus Jonny Boy Snow) ARE ADORABLE AND MUST BE PROTECTED (Well I guess Arya and Jonny Boy can protect themselves but omg Sansa you should really learn how to fight! And Bran is cripple but he has crazy mind powers so I guess he’s mostly good).

Sansa and Jon

So I said that I’d jump around in time, but now to go back and talk about THE BATTLE OF THE BASTARDS (AKA RAMSAY VS JONNY BOY). I guess we should start by talking about Rickon and how HE SHOULD’VE RAN IN A FRICKING ZIG ZAG GOSH CHILD! Honestly, he still probably would’ve died but AT LEAST HE WOULD’VE STOD A CHANCE! (Side note: when Ramsay let Rickon run to Jon then pulled out his bow, I was actually worried Ramsay was just using that as a tactic to bring Jon closer and out into no man’s land so Ramsay could just shoot him with the bow, but nah he just shot Rickon). BUT THEN THE BATTLE HAPPENED AND WOW IT WAS INTENSE! Of course I was worried for Jonny Boy’s heath (especially because WHY WOULD HE GO FIGHT ON THE FRONT LINE YOU STUPID CHILD, YOU KNOW HOW EASY IT WOULD BE FOR THEM TO KILL YOU?! IS RAMSAY FIGHTING ON THE FRONT LINE?! NOOOOOO). And of course, I was worried when Jonny Boy and his army got surrounded but SANSA (and littlefinger…) TO THE RESCUEEEEE! Should Sansa have told Jon about getting Littlefinger to help? Yeah probably, but at least things worked out! OH AND THEN SANSA WATCHED WHILE RAMSAY WAS KILLED BY HIS WOLFIES AND OMG YESSSSS REVENGEEEEE


SPEAKING OF SANSA AND LITTLEFINGER! I have mixed feelings on Sansa and Arya teaming up to call him out… It was a nice reveal and Arya killing him was satisfying, but the lead up was frustrating. They were both acting out of character (Arya was acting like a psychopath…) even when Littlefinger wasn’t around and it just frustrated me. Was there a nice payoff? Yeah. But was it worth it?


HOW HAVE I A GONE THIS WHOLE POST WITHOUT MENTIONING DANYYYy?! (Well because I don’t really care that much about most of her plot lines… opps). BUT WHAT ARE MY THOUGHTS ON HER AND JONNY BOY SNOW?! Well first off, they’re related… that’s just gross. And, even if they weren’t related, the relationship is just too rushed for me. I don’t see any reason for them to be together. Dany already had some guy she liked (what was his name again? Honestly, I don’t know because my friends and I just called him long haired Francis… Daario! I think that’s his name) and Jon didn’t have a love at the time but did he need one? I miss him and Ygritte, she was great.

AND NOW THE WHITE WALKERS HAVE AN ICE DRAGON… AND THE ICE DRAGON DESTROYED THE WALL… (As much as I love Jon) DANY THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD’VE JUST LEFT JON TO DIE BEYOND THE WALL BECAUSE LOOK WHAT GOING SAVE HIM CAUSED! This is really not good… I worry for the safety of all my children… But at the same time, I don’t really care all that much about the White Walkers so let’s hope things don’t get meh in the last season.


WOW THAT WAS A LOT! DID I MENTION EVERYTHING?! (I think… ummm I also love Sam! He has become one of my favorites due to his adorableness! Him and his girlfriend are perfection and little Sam is so cute! I hope neither of them die… please…) THANKS FOR PUTTING UP WITH ALL MY RAMBLY TRASH FEELINGS! I JUST HAVE SEVEN SEASONS WORTH OF FEELS TO YELL ABOUT! What did you think of my spoilery thoughts? Did I overdo it with the gifs (probably… 😂)? Tell me your thoughts on everything Game of Thrones 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Elise Has Been Watching: Game of Thrones SPOILER Thoughts

  1. I agree about not caring about Dany and her storyline. I feel like she’s just entitled and the writers are rushing her and Jon into a relationship.
    I’d rather have the story all about Sansa and the rest of the Stark gang. I feel like they’ve been through literal hells and don’t ever give up on life. They’re all my heroes. Though, Sansa is my personal hero. I’m not an Ayra, I don’t have the ferocity of an assassin. But Sansa’s tenacious courage and fierce loyalty are so important to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah Dany was nice at first but lately she’s just meh. It’s hard to always stand behind her when I don’t really think she’s make that good of a queen…
      The Stark gang is my favorite! Sansa has grown of me SO MUCH! I wasn’t a fan of her at first but now I love her! Also Jon! Jon took even longer to grow on me but now I love him. Arya was always my favorite Stark

      Liked by 1 person

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