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Why I Find It Hard to Review Audiobooks (Oh and some stuff about Game of Thrones)

SO! I was planning on posting a Game of Thrones book review today (I even finished it on time and everything! Be proud of me because I never stick to schedules!) but after thinking about some things… I really don’t have enough thoughts to write out an entire review for it. SO INSTEAD we’re gonna talk about my relationship with audiobooks and why I don’t usually review books I listen to!

But First!Just some spoiler free Game of Thrones thoughts! Like I said it was a meh read for me. A lot of my favorite characters and parts of the show are still the same in the book (except Dany… idk I have lots of mixed feelings on her in both the book and the show). The book goes into more backstory of Westeros than the show did, and I like that. I’ve always found the backstory of Westeros interesting and it’s something I wish the show made a little clearer. I’ll recommend this one to pretty much anyone. It is high fantasy so if that isn’t your cup of tea just beware, but I never found things hard to follow or super boring.

Audiobooks“Why,” you ask, “are you segwaying from Game of Thrones to audiobooks?” Well my fabulous reading raccoon, because I listened to Game of Thrones on audiobook and I feel like it added to my meh feelings on the book. I’ve listened to about four audiobooks in the past year and I’ve only reviewed two of them. The two that I did review were Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. What makes these two books different making me review them but not the other two books I read, well it comes down to the time it takes for me to get through the book. Audiobooks are never my priority when it comes to what I’m reading, meaning I get through them much slower than physical books. This slower reading speed leads me to forget many aspects of the book and just leave me without much of an impression when I’ve finished the book.

With that saidAudiobooks are a wonderful thing that allow me to still be getting through books when I’m busy doing homework, driving, or working out. I checked out the audiobook for Game of Thrones because I wasn’t finding enough time to get through the physical book; however, I guess since I just listen to it as background noise without really think too hard about it, it doesn’t leave much of an impression. I should just use audiobooks to listen to contemporaries or books that I don’t have to put too much thought into.



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11 thoughts on “Why I Find It Hard to Review Audiobooks (Oh and some stuff about Game of Thrones)

  1. I adore audiobooks but agree that they are hard to review. Sometimes I can listen to one audiobook for a month and by the end of it I just don’t feel the need to review? Though I may have to try listening to Game of Thrones as it might mea I actually able to get through the books!

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    1. Audiobooks are great for times when I’m super busy and don’t have time to dedicate to reading but gosh they usually take me extra long to finish. Like you said, I’ll usually take at least a month, then by the end I’m left with such meh feelings.
      Game of Thrones was easier for me to get through on audiobook bc I’m not a fan of the book’s small print (it was making me take longer to read) so I’d recommend giving it a shot!

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  2. I’m usually but able to get through one audibook per week so maybe that’s why I find it easier to review them? I also try and borrow the physical book from the library and if anything confuses me, I’ll usually double check the text and that often helps clear things up for me. It also depends how often you listen I guess – I typically listen twice a day or more! On my drive to/from work and sometimes while I’m working if it’s something mindless so I think that continuity helps. audiobooks aren’t for everyone 😉 I definitely want to try the Game of Thrones as audio though since the book is just to daunting 😮

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    1. Wow that’s usually how quick I read physical books. I’ve done that a few times where I have a copy of the physical book as well as the audiobook and that helps me. Yeah I think audiobooks have worked best for me with books that I wouldn’t otherwise want to pick up

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  3. I have found–over time–that there are certain genres that I just don’t grasp as easily and don’t enjoy as much on audiobook.
    Sometimes I wonder if my ratings are also biased because of the audiobook and I sort of feel that’s unfair to the book, whether for better or for worse, but I guess it is what it is.
    I do feel like audiobooks are a luxury though because as you said, they allow us to read at times we normally wouldn’t be able to (at the gym, while driving, at work/school/studying/other multitasking) so overall, I still read them but I’m really picky about which ones I pick up.

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    1. Maybe that’s the same problem for me… Maybe I just enjoy some genres in audiobook more than others
      That’s part of why I didn’t want to do a full GOT review… I had such meh feelings with it and I feel like a lot of those meh feelings were due to the audiobook format
      And Audiobooks can be expensive! Lately I’ll just get one from the library but the price keeps me from buying too many


  4. I’ve only recently tried Audio Books. Well, actually I tried one on a free trial years ago but got busy and didn’t finish by the time the trial finished. But really recently I got an audiobook. It’s not necessarily bad, but it’s not my favorite so far. It could just be the writing style or the narrator, but I haven’t listened long enough to know for sure. I do plan on finishing the book though!

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  5. I still haven’t read GoT 😀 you are waaaay ahead of me now!
    I’m also slower on audiobooks than on real books, but I enjoy them nonetheless. Particularly because they make my day-to-day better. For example, they make my chores much more interesting 😀 I’ve also noticed that if I start listening to a book, I will want to finish it through audio as well, not just pick up when I left off and keep reading.
    I used to also perceive it mostly as background noise, but then I learned to focus on it more. But it really depends on the book. Although I will agree that actual reading is more fun for me 🙂

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    1. lol you should catch up! Got is a great read and watch!
      Audiobooks are a great way to make the more mundane tasks of life for interesting. I’ve found that if I put both headphones in while listening I can focus enough enough on what I’m listening to but a lot of the time I only put one headphone in then it’s hard to focus on what I’m hearing.


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