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Elise Has Been Watching: Shadowhunters Seasons 1 & 2


(Oh wait this is a book blog…? WHHHHAAATTTTTT! I guess I should stop watching shows and get reading again then… opps!) (Please don’t hate me)

BUT AT LEAST THIS SHOW IS BASED ON A BOOK! That’s right friends, today we’re gonna talk about… (no, not Game of Thrones… I’ve already yelled enough of my feelings about that show.) Today we’re discussing SHADOWHUNTERS!


(Oh is that a Malec gif? I wonder how that got there…) (… AREN’T THEY ADORABLE THOUGH?!)

Shadowhunters 1I first watched Shadowhunters when it originally aired. I mostly kept up with the show and enjoyed it enough, even if it isn’t of the best quality. However, once I got to season two, I kinda stopped watching as much. It wasn’t anything against the show, I think I was just busy at the time and had things to do other than watch shows. BUT NOW THAT I HAVE NO LIFE! I had time to go back and watch all two seasons! 😊

First things first, this show made me realize how much I had forgotten from the books! I read these books YEARS ago and wow I don’t remember a good bit of the plot. Many times something happened in the show, I found myself questioning if a similar thing happened in the books or if this was made up for the show. The upside of this is that it got me interested in the books again. I spent lots of time on the Wiki trying to remember every little detail from these books and characters. It really makes me curious to reread The Mortal Instruments and see if I enjoy them as much a second time. The other (kinda) upside from this is that it means the show did try to do its own thing sometimes. It follows the overall plot of the books (or a condensed version of it) but changed some smaller side plots. Things such as yin fen is introduced through Izzy’s character and not Jem’s and it works a little different in the show. Other small changes include Maia being introduced earlier and (not so small of a change) but side character from the books dying.

All of these changes lead show characters to act differently from book characters and it leads me to have different favorites than in the book. In the books I remember loving Clary, Jace and Simon; however, in the show my favorites are Magnus, Alec, and Simon. Yeah Simon is my favorite in both cases but wow I really don’t like show Clary and Jace! They both act insanely stupid at times and can just be frustrating.


THE SHIPPPPPPPPPSSSSSS! This fandom is CRAZY about ships! I know a lot of people are very serious about their ships and gosh the ship wars are real. This makes things even more interesting when I find myself shipping completely different characters in the show than in the book. The main ship that I’m a fan of in both the books and the show is Malec (because who doesn’t like Malec. If you don’t like Malec… you’re wrong 😊) But in the show, I find myself loving Simon and Maia and I really hope they end up together, which is funny considering how I’m a hardcore Sizzy shipper in the books. I was always a fan of book Clace but show Clace is just underwhelming for me. They don’t really fit well together and I would rather see them with other people.

Sometimes the plot only happens because someone made a stupid decision. There are definitely times when you can tell a character is only acting a certain way because the plot needs them to in order to continue… this can be extremely frustrating, but honestly, I’m only kinda watching for the plot and am much more watching to see what they do with the source material.

Overall, Shadowhunters is a fun watch! Is it the smartest show? Ha NOPE! Does everything make sense and always work well? Again, NOPE! But the characters are usually nice to follow and it’s great for fans of the books to see and enjoy the differences. So, do I recommend it? Yeah, but don’t expect the most mind blowing show. Just watch for a fun way to kill time!



I spend my free time watching Netflix when I should be reading and writing. Then I go online and blog about books and TV shows!

3 thoughts on “Elise Has Been Watching: Shadowhunters Seasons 1 & 2

  1. I gave up on this show haha I just got so annoyed with how some characters were acting and the plot strayed soooo far away from the source material. But Malec is the best part for sure ❤ Harry Shum Jr and Matthew Daddario play them sooo well

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    1. Lol That’s understandable. I had given up halfway through season two but I caught up with my roommate bc she hadn’t seen any of it. The plot does stray a lot but I actually kinda love that bc I like seeing what they do when given the chance to do their own thing. Malec is just fabulous!

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