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Saga Volumes 1 & 2! (And why I’m usually turned off from SCIFI)

*Waves enthusiastically* GUESS WHAT GUYS?! I FINALLY GOT MY LIFE TOGETHER AND READ SAGA! AKA Something I’ve been saying I’m going to read for months now!

\When two soldiers from opposite sides of a never-ending galactic war fall in love, they risk everything to bring a fragile new life into a dangerous old universe.

From bestselling writer Brian K. Vaughan, Saga is the sweeping tale of one young family fighting to find their place in the worlds. Fantasy and science fiction are wed like never before in this sexy, subversive drama for adults. summary

Review Header 6This is my first time really reading a graphic novel and I’m really glad I did! I’d heard some pretty great things about Saga so I went in with pretty high expectations and it did not disappoint. I read both volumes one and two all in two days! Both are really quick moving with very intriguing characters and worlds. Now I’m just left wishing whoever borrowed the rest of the volumes from the library would bring them back so I can read them! 😊

SCIFISCIFI is a genre that I usually don’t touch that much… Why is this? Well I think it’s due to a similar reason that I used to be picky about high fantasy. I’m not a huge fan of exposition and sciency mumbo jumbo. I’m not a sciency person (Big surprise, Ik) so I don’t usually like when my books are filled with (sometimes) made up science (heck I wouldn’t even know if it was made up or not because, as I stated before, I’m not a sciency person). I read books as an escape from reality, not to be reminded of all the random science facts that I don’t know.

Lately there have been some exceptions to this no SCIFI rule of mine. There is the obvious Saga, which kinda leans more towards fantasy to me… idk. But more sciency would be two little books I read over the summer named Illuminae and Gemina. I was a little reluctant to pick these up because… Well I don’t really know why. I can’t blame it on their genre because I don’t think I even knew they were SCIFI until I picked them up. But either way, I brought them with me on vacation and I LOVED them! I was able to finish both books while avoiding the beach (*cough* I mean having a wonderful beach trip… with a severe lack of beach… I hate the beach). These are great examples of SCIFI books that don’t let boring terminology bog down the story. While the story of this space ship is kinda a driving force for the plot, at its core, it’s really a story about the people on the space ship— their struggles and relationships. Basically, I’m saying, even if you don’t love SCIFI, pick up Illuminae and Gemina. They aren’t perfect, I do have some decent sized issues with each of them, but nothing that would stop me from recommending them.

Do you have any genres you avoid like the plague? Have you read Saga? What about Illuminae or Gemina? How’s life? Hope everything is well (You should talk to me because I’m a lonely potato)


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9 thoughts on “Saga Volumes 1 & 2! (And why I’m usually turned off from SCIFI)

  1. I’m with you on that–I usually don’t care for the detailed explanations of history, cultures, tech, or any other such rubbish. Just get to the story! It’s the characters and their problems I care about. Not that other fluff.

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      1. I will say that sometimes (and I really only mean sometimes) the exposition slog can be worth it. But very rarely. The example that comes to mind for me is “Way of Kings.” I love it, but the beginning can be a bit much. The author is a great world builder, and even in Way of Kings, the world building is interwoven with the story very well. But there’s just a lot of world building that he has to do for that story. But I felt like the world building paid off later.

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  2. I used to be very picky about genres that I would read. Now, I’m completely opposite. I will read just about any genre if the synopsis is interesting to me. I also just finished Illuminae about a week ago and absolutely loved it. Looking forward to reading Gemina!

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  3. I LOVE SAGA. Illuminae was a lot of fun and I still haven’t touched my copy of Gemina for some reason, but Saga. OMG Saga. Also I’m not a sci-fi. I love the dystopian genre within scifi, but I don’t really like scifi. I read The Left Hand of Darkness, a classic scifi, and I didn’t like it. I still have hope though. I try not to say a genre is off limits because there have to be gems hidden in there.

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    1. I just finished volume 3 of Saga today and I really love it! I can’t wait to keep reading! I feel like Gemina and Illuminae are best read non-consecutively bc (tbh) they’re really similar. I hope you enjoy Gemina when you get to it!


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