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Elise Has Been Watching: The 100 Season 4



For anyone who doesn’t know, I’ve been a big fan of The 100 since I started watching during season two. Season one was campy but with an interesting premise, and season two took that premise down an intense and darker road. I had mixed feelings on season three— really liking half of it and finding the other half just kinda over the top. And finally, here we are it season four. What did I think? Did it live up to the past seasons? Eh no not really.

Don’t get me wrong, I by no means HATED this season. I actually really enjoyed it as a kinda turn off your brain and enjoy the ride kinda watch. But… I had some issues. Most of these issues come in to play when you really start thinking about and dissecting the plot. There are just SO MANY holes and plot points that would never happen if people didn’t constantly act UNBELIVABLY stupid. Why would you just decide to share the only bunker that could lead to your salvation and the continuing of the human race when you can just FIGHT OVER IT! Why talk things out when you can just hunger games in the street and fight over EVERYTHING. I also had some spoiler issues with that very end, but I’m gonna keep this as spoiler free as possible. Let’s just say that many things don’t add up.

So, what did I like? Well the entire season was just dumb fun. Yeah lots of people were acting stupid, but we did get to see some good action come out of it. Octavia was a little crazy at the beginning but wow she really stepped up to the plate by the end of the season and changed in many ways. Her relationship with Bellamy has always been one of my favorite parts of the show and this season did not disappoint. I’m glad the writers didn’t just brush off Octavia’s hurt after Lincoln’s  death and really had her deal with that this season.

I wish they had the guts to kill of more characters. No spoilers about who died this season but yeah some did. I just think it would’ve raised stakes for future seasons if some scenarios played out differently. I sound heartless here but maybe they could’ve killed off other characters…? It would’ve given this season some more consequences.

Overall, yeah season four did disappoint in some ways, but I also enjoyed it in many other ways. I’ll probably wait until season five is out on Netflix before I watch it, but hopefully it’ll get better and explain some questions I have.



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15 thoughts on “Elise Has Been Watching: The 100 Season 4

  1. Yay someone else who watches the 100! (I know people do but I swear I hardly see any talk of it.) I watched this season in and out, sadly. Like you said some things did annoy me and maybe that was the reason but I still followed it and I’ll just say I’m excited yet curious to see what they do next season.

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  2. I love The 100! Honestly, I’ve watched season one like three or four times and still absolutely love it. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen up till season three at least twice so basically I’m like… obsessed, hahaha! I kind of love and hate the writers/producers at the same time because I love it but sometimes I also really hate it… I’m actually quite scared for season five! Like… It’s suddenly all so different and they’re going to be much older and there’s gonna be new characters… They could ruin the entire show with it, I’m afraid. Loved your post!

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    1. Gah I didn’t even think about how all the characters are gonna be older now. I’m really curious to see what they do with newer characters and if they’ll use this as a way to maybe write off some older characters… Hey but maybe they’ll do something interesting with the changing age and how that could lead to a different power struggle between characters… especially if they introduce some younger characters. If I were the writer, I’d have an age gap where some of the 100 could maybe have kids, then with enough time those kids would become the younger generation and the 100 would be the older ones…


  3. I haven’t watched it, but I can sympathize with the ups and downs of TV series. Some seasons are sooo good, and others are, frankly, a bit embarrassing.
    And TV shows really should be a bit gustier about killing off characters. Sure, it’s heartbreaking, but it’s that real tension that makes some shows so great. You’ve already seen them kill of characters you loved, and so you’re on the edge of your seat wondering who else will die. Makes the story far more serious when there are big consequences!

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      1. Yes! Although, do you watch Sherlock? Because there’s a particular character in that show that I really REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted them to resurrect, but they didn’t. And, in my opinion, the show was much worse for it.
        But I can’t think of how they COULD have resurrected the character, so I guess it’s understandable. But still…. I wanted it…..

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        1. I don’t watch Sherlock. Yeah there have been characters that I wish wouldn’t have died in shows but I can’t think of a time when a show brought back a character and it didn’t lead to me no longer caring about the characters and the show as a whole. I stopped watching Arrow bc they kept bringing characters back and the show felt like nothing mattered anymore

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