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Elise Has Been Watching: Avatar The Last Airbender Season One



For anyone who doesn’t know, Avatar the Last Airbender was one of my favorite shows from when I was little (guys… I was OBSESSED) but I’ve never actually seen the show all the way through in order. I got into Avatar very late in the game and just kinda pieced the plot together from all of the reruns I saw. So recently, after I finished my Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, I found myself wanting more well-written cartoons, so I decided to rewatch all of Avatar. At this point, I’ve only seen through Season One in my rewatch, so that is what I’ll be discussing here, but look forward to season two and three discussions in the future.

Looking back at Avatar, trying to divorce it from my childhood nostalgia, it becomes clear that the first season was mostly just set up for what would later become an amazing cartoon show. It’s not that season one was bad or anything, I actually still love it, but it just lacked a lot of the emotions that the later seasons bring out. Season one was a lot more about Aang’s fun adventures and hijinks rather than the real plot of him trying to learn water bending.

With that said, I loved seeing many of my favorite characters again! (Suki will always be my favorite characters of all time and I can’t wait to see her in future seasons of the show). It’s definitely something seeing pre-development Zuko, who is still this mess of a child who believes his only way to be accepted back into his family is to find the Avatar. As someone who knows where his arc leads, I’m excited to see that transformation play out over the next two seasons since he is an amazingly well-written character. Other favorites include Katara and Aang, the former of which is such a fun and carefree character that I can’t help but love him! (Oh and side note: the first couple I really shipped were Katara and Aang, I LOVED those two!) (Side, Side note: the first person I cosplayed as was Suki. But my costume was literally just a “warrior” Halloween costume and a fan that I made… So it’s debatable if you can really call it cosplay, but I tried 😂)

One thing I cannot write this post without mentioning is the bending and how amazing it is! I remember when the cursed Avatar The Last Airbender Movie (That we don’t discuss) was released a big complaint was the fact that the bending looked lame, well that’s not a fact about the cartoon! In the cartoon, the bending is impressive! I’m not only talking about Aang and his uber powerful avatar state, but every other bender can just do SO MUCH. Of course, the nonbenders are not left out of the amazingness, there are characters such as the Kyoshi Warriors who aren’t benders but can still kick butt! I can’t wait to see more amazing bending in the future seasons (especially with the introduction of Toph next seasons :))


Overall, I really enjoyed Season one of Avatar the Last Airbender, and I’m glad I rewatched it! Is it the best season of the show? No, but it’s probably the most lighthearted and fun season. This season was a lot of set up and introductions to the greatness that would come in the next two seasons, and I can’t wait to watch them.


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7 thoughts on “Elise Has Been Watching: Avatar The Last Airbender Season One

  1. Yes, let’s not discuss The Last Airbender movie. I tend to fly into a Hulk-style rage.
    I LOVE this show. Season 1 is more of a setup, but still soooooooo good! I don’t get fangirlly (fanmanny?) about too many things, but TLA is definitely one of them. It’s like magic. I’ve been hankering for a rewatch myself. 🙂 Plus, I’m super excited for you to finally watch it through in order. Did you know that it won a peabody award? It’s the only animated tv show to win one, but it was so awesome that they couldn’t NOT give it one. How cool is that?

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    1. Lol but can I just say that I saw the Avatar movie… IN THEATERS. I’d like to go back in time and slap younger me for that decision.
      You should totally rewatch it! I hadn’t really watched it since I was a kid, and it still held up for me (all of the episodes are on if you’re interested in a rewatch 🙂
      I’m excited that I’m finally watching it in order. It’s weird tho because I guess I never knew what season anything was in when I first watched it as a kid, but now I can see when everything happened. It makes the show even better!
      And I didn’t know that! That’s nice to know!

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      1. We watched it…3.5 years ago, when my daughter was first born. She didn’t let us sleep too much, so my wife and I would watch it in the middle of the night. That show is so good though. I’m seriously furious at M. Night Shamalan for making an inexplicably and inexcusably bad film adaptation. It’s such a great show!

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          1. That’s the curious thing, isn’t it? But for whatever reason, his movies just got progressively worse. Sixth Sense is legit on my top 3 horror movies list. Then Signs was fun the first time. Then The Village was okayish but actually pretty dumb. Then Lady in the Water? Then the Happening? Then FREAKING AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER AND HE TOTALLY RUINED IT AND THIS WAS WHY WE WEREN’T GOING TO GETINAE T AJW EOPGIJAS FOJASD FPOJIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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            1. The Sixth Sense is SUCH a good movie! But yeah you also get things like The Happening (which in that movie’s defense, is hilarious 😂) Yeah I wish he didn’t also make terrible movies but at least some of them can be watched as a comedy. (And Split wasn’t terrible so hopefully he’ll get better again…) (But yah The Last Airbender was… a crime against humanity)

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