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My Experience As A Slow Reader (Plus what to do when you find yourself between reads)

In a world full of bloggers that read eight to ten books every month, what is it like to be one of those rare creatures know as slow readers? Well, as one of those rare creatures, life is pretty chill.

I remember back when I was first getting into the world of blogging I was always astonished by how quickly people read! At the time, I still wasn’t as avid of a reader, and it usually took me at least a week to finish a book. At first, I convinced myself that one day I’d be one of those magical creatures who could read insanely quickly but here we are years later and it still usually takes me a week to finish a book. And I’ve come to terms with that. I no longer think my reading speed is some fault to my blogging, but just something that makes me different 😊 (This is part of why I like to write so many TV posts, because I find TV shows easier to get through than books when I’m in a slump)

Since I’m a slower reader, I thought I might go over some fun things you can do on your blog if you’re also a slow reader while you’re in between reviews.

Write a post all about how slow you read and how that affects you blogging!

PSHHHH… I’m totally not just writing this post because I’m currently making my way through two book right now (one for me and one for school) and taking a bit to get through them… why would you think that?


Ah book tags! They’re quick to write and fun to read! Some of these might be things such as the Sunshine Blogger Award, or The Hogwarts Tag—you want to see if there is a tag related to a particular topic you find interesting? Google it! If you don’t find something regarding the topic you’re interested in, then make up your own tag!
There’s also things such as Top Ten Tuesday, or Top Five Wednesday which are wide spread tags which involve finding your top books fitting the weekly theme
Of course, the downside to these posts is that they don’t always inspire as much audience engagement. They work really well for some people, but not for others, you just have to try it out and see how they work on your site.

Write other fun discussion posts!

I have an entire sticky note on my computer dedicated to discussion ideas for when I’m in need of a post. As soon as I get a possible idea, I jot it down, then maybe I’ll turn it into a post one day, but maybe I won’t.

WELL FRIENDS! Hope I gave you some insight into what it’s like to be a slow reader surrounded by people who seem to read a book a day. Are you a slow reader? (or are you one of those crazy creatures who read 20 books a day?) Do you often feel pressured to read quicker than you usually do? Did I give you any fun suggestions for posts (probably not, lol I didn’t really break any new ground here)


I spend my free time watching Netflix when I should be reading and writing. Then I go online and blog about books and TV shows!

8 thoughts on “My Experience As A Slow Reader (Plus what to do when you find yourself between reads)

  1. I’m such a mood reader that my speed is really variable, sometimes I’ll get through some three books a week (that tends to be my max) and sometimes it will take me weeks to read a hundred odd pages. This used to bother me but I think I made my peace with it when I realised that I didn’t enjoy trying to power through books when I was slumping just in order to finish them quickly so now I just take it at whatever pace my mind and emotions can handle!! 😂😂


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