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Elise Has Been Watching Horror Movies (The Conjuring and The Descent)

One of my favorite ways to pass the time when I have two hours of free time is to go searching for fun horror movies to watch on Netflix! This has of course led me to watching two great horror movies that everyone should check out!


The conjuring.jpg

Growing up, I was never the biggest horror movie fan. It wasn’t because I has anything against them, but because my family was just never one that watched horror movies together. This means that I’m just now catching up with a lot of horror movies that came out years ago, such as The Conjuring. This movie really surprised me! I know a lot of mainstream horror tends to be over reliant on jump scares and, while there were jump scares in this film, it was also very atmospheric and I actually kinda care about the family that was being haunted. This lead me to actually being very invested in everything happening and not wanting to take my eyes off the screen. My only gripe with The Conjuring was that some of the visuals looked a little goofy, but I’m just always more of a fan of horror movies just not showing the ghost. I recommend this for anyone who enjoys horror movies and wants something a little spooky.


The descent.jpg

Continuing my trend of watching horror movies for no apparent reason! This was something that I’ve been aware of since one of my favorite Youtubers recommended it, so when I found it while scrolling through Netflix I knew I had to check it out! Now that I’ve finally watched The Descent, did it disappoint? NOPE! I’m gonna get my gripes out of the way first before I get to all the things I love. My main gripe is towards the end of the movie when people start making kinda stupid horror movie decisions that I can kind of understand because yeah, they’re hyped up on adrenaline and scared but gosh don’t go screaming into caves when you know monsters are coming after you… SPECIFICALLY MONSTERS THAT HUNT VIA SOUND! And of course, there’s the fact that someone gets stabbed in the throat then doesn’t die until a few scenes later… BUT I WILL SAY! The scene where said character got stabbed was emotional and very well done. Probably my favorite thing from The Descent was the feeling of claustrophobia it creates. This movie makes you feel like you are actually in the caves with these characters. It creates such a spooky atmosphere that makes things even more intense when people start dying. Then there’s the end that leaves with such a tiny hint towards an unexpectedly dark ending. So do I recommend The Descent? Um HECK YEAH! It’s on Netflix so it’s easy to just hit play and enjoy being scared for just under two hours.

Have you seen The Conjuring or The Descent? What did you think of them? Are you a fan of horror movies? What are you favorite horror movies?


I spend my free time watching Netflix when I should be reading and writing. Then I go online and blog about books and TV shows!

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