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Bout of Books 22 Wrap Up (And Why Readathons Are Great)

Ahhh guys Bout of Books is officially over and *whipsers* I have failed…

Well I haven’t completely failed… the week started out pretty great! I was reading a solid 100 pages per day but then I started painting more and reading less… until we got through the weekend and I didn’t touch a book once… Opps

Total Pages Read

Now I Rise by Kiersten White 471 Pages

Six of Crows 7 Chapters (on audiobook so I don’t know the page count sorry lol)


While my reading kinda trailed off towards the end of the week, I’m still really glad I participated in Bout of Books because it gave me a push to finish Now I Rise, as well as start my reread of Six of Crows. While I haven’t listened to Six of Crows for a few days now, it’s still a book that I really enjoy and hopefully I can put some headphones in and listen to it some time soon!

Now that we have the wrap up out of the way! Why don’t we spend some time discussing why I love readathons!

Well, there’s always the obvious reason of they help you get some reading done! This is of course the main purpose of readathons and a great one at that. Personally, they give me the push I need to get through books quicker than I usually would. As much as I loved it, I probably never would’ve gotten through all of Now I Rise in four days if it wasn’t for Bout of Books. Readathons also give me a sense of accountability when it comes to my reading because I want to be able to post updates about ho much I read and be proud of myself. (but as I’ve already stated I kinda failed this time so we’re just not gonna talk about that 😂)

Besides just reading, there’s the social aspect to readathons! Things like hashtags and twitter chats bring people together all because of a common love for reading! You can find so many other people who love the same books as you and want to talk about them with you. This builds such a great sense of community. The social aspect to readathons is one that I could do a bit better to participate in, and maybe that would help me from getting burnt out from reading too much, but that’s something I’ll work on next readathon 😊

But of course there’s one big negative when it comes to readathons, what I’m gonna call the readathon burn out. I don’t know if this is more of an issue with just me, or if others experience this too but I get kinda exhausted after trying read nonstop for a week. I think this is part of why my reading slowed towards the end of the week, because I was getting exhausted and needed a change of pace. I find my reading goes through stages where some weeks I just want to read nonstop, and other weeks (like now) I’m more interested in watching Netflix or painting.

Have you ever participated in a readathon? How was your experience? Did you have a good Bout of Books? What are you reading at the moment?



I spend my free time watching Netflix when I should be reading and writing. Then I go online and blog about books and TV shows!

6 thoughts on “Bout of Books 22 Wrap Up (And Why Readathons Are Great)

  1. Back in 2016 when I had a book blog I participated in a couple of readathons but I’m not sure they were for me. They often left me feeling a bit slumpy. However now that I’ve been in a year long slump I wonder if the opposite might be true of a read-a-thon and maybe it will pull me out the slump

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    1. That’s the downside of trying to read a lot at once, it can certainly wear you out, but hey you can always try and find a readathon happening soon and give it a shot to see if it actually helps your slump this time 🙂


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