Greetings friends of the interwebs! I’m Elise! Most of my time is spent either with a book in my face, headphones in my ears, or watching Netflix. I’m a big fan of many TV shows, but some of my favorites are Parks and Recreation, Firefly, and Daredevil, and I’m finding new shows to watch every day! My music taste varies from rock musicals to pop music with some pop punk mixed in there too. Since this is a book blog I should mention that I read pretty much anything falling under the category of YA, and I’ve been expanding my horizons a lot more lately. I am definitely open to suggestions for new books to read or shows to watch, so let me know if you have any!

The “Roaming” in Roaming Reader was inspired by my wanderlust. I’ve had a desire to travel for as long as I can remember, my younger self being obsessed with Disney and always wanting to visit Disneyland (I recently fulfilled that dream for my senior trip and it was everything I hoped it would be!). I also have a slight obsession with abandoned places and urban exploration, but that’s a story for a different time.

I hope you enjoy your time here at The Roaming Reader and I look forward to discussing books with you!