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Why You Shouldn’t Rate Books Without Reading Them

OOOooo Hello my lovely reading raccoons! I’m about to rage today 😊

Question 1: What is the quickest way to make Elise want to throw you out a window?
Yes! You in the back with the raised hand!
“Um… insult her favorite character?” You mumble.
WRONG! It’s when people rate books on Goodreads without reading them!

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Why Debut Authors May Stray Away From Risk Taking

Hello my lovely reading raccoons! Today we’re gonna do a little backtracking to a topic which I wrote down on a sticky note a few months ago, but never got to writing about until now. This isn’t some super important discussion, but just a little thought experiment that popped in my head a little while ago. So, “what is this fun thought experiment?” you ask, well it’s all based around the idea of authors taking risks, and how some more popular authors get away with things in novels they would’ve never gotten away with in their debut novel. This of course leads to the trend of debut novels often being safer and less original than an author’s third, fourth, or fifth novels.

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So You’ve Found You Struggle With Blog Hopping? Here Are Some Tips To Help Fix That

AHHH GUYS I’M SORRY THAT I HAVE ABANDONED YOU FOR… *looks at calendar nervously* THE LAST TWO WEEKS… But I’m back now and I’m ready to get back into the blogging game with a fun post about *pause for dramatic effect* well why I’m such a failure as a blogger.

More specifically, I’m here to talk about why I find it hard to blog hop, and what you, and also myself, can do if you struggle making time to blog hop.

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Six of Crows Review (Summer Retrospective 2015 Edition)

Ahhhh sorry I’m lateeee! Long story short, I was doing so well with keeping up with these reads but I started painting and gosh it got me off track real fast. But now I’m back with another installment of my Summer Retrospective series (full explanation can be found HERE) and I’m ready to scream about my love for Six of Crows because guys this is my second time reading it and it’s still amazing!

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Bout of Books 22 Wrap Up (And Why Readathons Are Great)

Ahhh guys Bout of Books is officially over and *whipsers* I have failed…

Well I haven’t completely failed… the week started out pretty great! I was reading a solid 100 pages per day but then I started painting more and reading less… until we got through the weekend and I didn’t touch a book once… Opps

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Salt to the Sea Review (Summer Retrospective 2016 Edition)

Welcome back to my second installment of my summer retrospective series! For anyone who doesn’t know, this is a weekly series where I take a look at books from years past and examine them to see if I believe they are worth the hype and praise they received. Basically, just judging how books hold up over time. You can find my full explanation of this series as well as my prospective TBR HERE. This week we will be discussing one of my favorite books from 2016. It’s a historical fiction novel, something I don’t pick up too often, but it really blew me away. And now here we are, I’ve finally reread Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys, and it’s time to answer the question: did the novel live up to my memory of it? *sobbing* yes!

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