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Bout of Books Update Day One (and a half)

Bout of Books is now one and a half days over, so I hope everyone is having a lovely reading adventure! So far, my week has been busier than expected (but, let’s be real, I’m still not that busy lol) but I have been able to get some reading done, so time for an update!

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Warcross Review (Summer Retrospective 2017 Edition)


I’m extremely excited to share my first installment of my Summer Retrospective series (2017 edition). For anyone who doesn’t know, this is a weekly series where I take a look at books from years past and examine them to see if I believe they are worth the hype and praise they received. Basically, just judging how books hold up over time. You can find my full explanation of this series as well as my prospective TBR HERE.

SO! What book from the great year of 2017 are we here to talk about today? Well, it’s from an author that I’ve been following, well, ever since I started to get interested in YA back in 7th grade. Today we’re here to talk about Warcross by Marie Lu.

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Bout of Books 22 Sign Up and TBR


So, if you’ve noticed less traditional discussions, I CAN EXPLAIN! Lol I’ve just been setting up a lot of different things I want to try out this summer including my super fun summer project that you should check out HERE (sorry for the shameless promo 😂) but in addition to that I will also be participating in the Bout of Books 22. For anyone who doesn’t know, Bout of Books is described as…

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