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Why Debut Authors May Stray Away From Risk Taking

Hello my lovely reading raccoons! Today we’re gonna do a little backtracking to a topic which I wrote down on a sticky note a few months ago, but never got to writing about until now. This isn’t some super important discussion, but just a little thought experiment that popped in my head a little while ago. So, “what is this fun thought experiment?” you ask, well it’s all based around the idea of authors taking risks, and how some more popular authors get away with things in novels they would’ve never gotten away with in their debut novel. This of course leads to the trend of debut novels often being safer and less original than an author’s third, fourth, or fifth novels.

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The Importance of Atmosphere in Horror Movies

Friends! So, you might have noticed but I went on a fun little horror movie binge last week. It was a lot of fun and got me thinking about what makes all of my favorite horror movies work so well… the atmosphere.

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The Darkest Minds Trailer Breakdown (And how I would make a Darkest Minds movie)

THE DARKEST MINDS MOVIE TRAILER HAS BEEN RELEASEDDDD! So instead of your originally scheduled discussion post, today we’re here to discuss the trailer, my thoughts on it, and how I would make a Darkest Minds movie if I were in charge.

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