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Cliffhangers: A Brilliant Writing Technique Or A Tired Gimmick?

SUP FRIENDS! Time to talk about the most serious of issues running rampant in the book community. Something that causes so much pain to readers everywhere DAILY!

*drum rollllllll*

Cliff hanger endings.

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Writing Update (Yeah I do that!)

SOOOOO! It’s Camp NaNoWriMo and, while I’m not officially participating, I’ve used this as motivation to slow down on my reading and focus on writing! “Whhhaaattt! I didn’t know you write?!” you say. Well you didn’t know because I can never stick to one idea and hardly get anything done sooooo 😊 BUT THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT! I’ve got two projects happening right now (wow I guess that’s not different for me), one is contemporary and the other fantasy. If you’re interested in either, you can read ramblings below!

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