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Six of Crows Review (Summer Retrospective 2015 Edition)

Ahhhh sorry I’m lateeee! Long story short, I was doing so well with keeping up with these reads but I started painting and gosh it got me off track real fast. But now I’m back with another installment of my Summer Retrospective series (full explanation can be found HERE) and I’m ready to scream about my love for Six of Crows because guys this is my second time reading it and it’s still amazing!

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Why I’m Not Usually A Fan Of The Enemies To Lovers Trope

Writing tropes! Some people love them, some hate them, and others have a specific few they love or hate. While I’ve certainly got a few tropes that I’m a total sucker for, one of the ones that I believe is very hard to pull off and doesn’t usually work for me, is what most people have called Enemies to Lovers.

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